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Welcome to the Overview of Foreign Animal, USDA Program, and Reportable Diseases module. As an accredited veterinarian, awareness and understanding of these diseases is important to the health and well-being of animals and the public.

Upon completion of this module, an accredited veterinarian will be able to

  • define foreign animal, USDA Program and reportable diseases,
  • describe the safeguards that help prevent FADs from entering the U.S.,
  • outline the steps in a foreign animal disease investigation,
  • list the USDA programs for controlling or eradicating diseases in various species of livestock and poultry,
  • recognize the additional training opportunities available to accredited veterinarians,
  • report foreign animal and reportable diseases, and
  • locate additional resources and learning opportunities.

Completion of this module is expected to take 60 minutes, but will vary with your familiarity of the topics presented.