Learning Objectives
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Welcome to the Avian Influenza and Exotic Newcastle Disease module. Upon completion of this module, an accredited veterinarian will be able to

  • realize the economic and public health impacts of an exotic avian disease outbreak;
  • recognize the clinical signs associated with avian influenza (AI) and exotic Newcastle disease END);
  • describe concerns associated with H5 and H7 low pathogenicity AI viruses;
  • understand the role of the National Poultry Improvement Program (NPIP) Avian Influenza Clean and Monitored programs and the Live Bird Marketing System program in preventing notifiable avian influenza (NAI);
  • collect and submit samples for the surveillance of AI and END,
  • report positive results for AI or END and understand the protocol for investigation, response, communication, and recovery; and
  • implement biosecurity measures specific for these diseases.

Completion of this module is estimated to take 60 minutes, but will vary depending on your familiarity with the diseases and information presented.