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Welcome to Module 14: Evaluation of Aquatic Animals for Detection of Reportable Diseases and Pathogens.

Infection with reportable pathogens and diseases not only impacts aquatic animal health but also can have implications for trade and transport of aquatic animals regionally, nationally, and internationally. As an accredited veterinarian, you may encounter reportable diseases during facility inspections, health certifications, surveillance activities, project monitoring, and outbreak investigations.

Upon completion of this module, you will be able to

  • access lists of aquatic animal diseases that are reportable to International, Federal, State, Territorial, or Tribal governments;
  • understand your role as an accredited veterinarian in reporting aquatic animal diseases in the United States;
  • understand the procedures required when conducting veterinary inspections of aquatic animals;
  • identify common signs of illness and disease in aquatic animal species;
  • access appropriate diagnostic requirements;
  • understand the importance of collecting appropriate samples for diagnostic testing; and
  • understand a general overview of the terms surveillance, monitoring, zoning, and compartmentalization.

Completion of this module is estimated to take 35–45 minutes but will vary depending on your familiarity with the information presented.